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General Terms and Conditions

§ 1. Scope of Application

cc7 GmbH (Zipf 65, 4871 Zipf, Austria) exclusively acts as intermediary of event tickets (reservation, sale and transmission of entrance cards) - named as "ticket" in the following - on behalf of third parties - named as organiser in the following. cc7 GmbH itself does not organise or execute events and does not perform mediated services. When a booking is made a contract in the name and for account of the respective organiser referring to the ticket is exclusively concluded between the customer and the respective organiser. A contract between the customer and the organiser is concluded as soon as the customer confirms the ticket booking in the shopping basket with the button "book with obligation to pay". All rules and conditions given in the following exclusively refer to the mediatorial activity of cc7 GmbH and have no influence on rules and conditions referring to the performance of mediated services. In fact these conditions result from the terms of contract and the general terms and conditions of the respective organiser.

§ 2. Conclusion of a Contract and Payment

The customer chooses tickets for an event on www.and8.dance and reserves them with the button "put in the shopping basket". This way the customer makes an offer for the conclusion of a contract which only becomes legally binding after entering and sending all details required in the input mask. The customer is obliged to indicate all data required correctly. Via an automatic confirmation in the online purchase process cc7 GmbH accepts the offer to buy on behalf of the organiser. At that moment a legally valid contract between the customer and the organiser has been concluded. With the purchase of this ticket the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of cc7 GmbH. Tickets can be paid through advance payment (within 7 work days). Customers do not have the right of withdrawal according to § 18 Abs. 1 Z 10 FAGG.

§ 3. Provision, Transmission and Admittance

cc7 GmbH offers different provision opportunities for tickets (e-ticket, deposit, transmission) which can optionally be chosen by the organiser for the offered services. When dealing with electronic tickets particular caution is recommended. The transmission of tickets is executed at customer´s risk. The electronic ticket gives access authorisation and can be submitted at entrance displayed on mobile end devices or in a printed form. This is valid once for the first scanning. Your ticket will be devalued by the organiser by hand or electronically. At entrance the valid ticket is the one used with its clear QR code first. All other tickets with the same QR code are not valid. In addition all booked tickets are available in an electronic form in customer´s account: www.and8.dance/en/account

§ 4. Changes and Cancellation

Changes concerning date, time and venue as well as justified artist and programme modifications are reserved. If an event is partially or fully cancelled or postponed only the general terms of the respective organiser are valid. In case of changes, postponements or cancellations expenses will not be refunded. All information concerning this matter you will obtain by contacting the organiser or on www.and8.dance if information on changes is available in detail. cc7 GmbH acts only as intermediary and is not liable for the refund of ticket fee. Before the respective event please control the current status on the website or the organiser. cc7 GmbH is not obliged to inform about cancellation, postponement and changes of an event, however, cc7 GmbH reserves the right to do so if all details required for a public announcement are available. This communication is a voluntary service of cc7 GmbH

§ 5. Legal Clauses

Valid is Austrian Law under exclusion of the International Private Law and the UN-Contracts of the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relationship is Wels (AT). Legal disputes with private customers (end users/consumers) are to be resolved in a local and competent court. Place of fulfillment for delivery and payment is the company´s head office.

§ 6. Other Regulations

If any regulations of these general terms and conditions are void the parties will immediately replace void regulations by valid ones which come closest to the original intention of the void regulations. All other regulations remain unaffected.

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